Hutchinson Design & Planning Services


(Based on a 2 storey, 3 bedroom house)

Full measured survey of existing property including architectural plan and elevation drawings (per floor)

Design plans & drawings of new areas including plan and elevation drawings and internal and external details. Price per new extension. Multiple extensions priced individually.

Structural engineering details where required (Costs per opening).

To create a full set of planning drawings for a rear extension on an average 3 bedroomed, 2 storey family home will cost only £ 1,210.00

And we don't charge VAT.

The Householder Planning Permission application is a separate current fee of £258.00 (+ £70.00 payment fee)

An application for a Certificate of Lawful Development under Permitted Development guidelines is £129.00 ( + £70.00 payment fee) for a proposed extension and £258.00 ( + £70.00 payment fee) for a retrospective structure.

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£ 390.00 

£ 430.00

£ 270.00

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