Hutchinson Design & Planning Services


(Based on a 3 bed, 2 storey house)

Full measured survey of existing property including architectural plan and elevation drawings (per floor)

Design plans & drawings of new areas including plan and elevation drawings and internal and external details. Price per new extension.

Structural engineering details where required (Costs per opening).

To create a full set of planning drawings for a rear extension on an average 3 bedroomed, 2 storey family home will cost only £ 1,170.00

And, we don't charge VAT!

The planning permission application is a separate current fee of £206.00 ( + £25 payment fee)

An application for a Certificate of Lawful Development under Permitted Development guidelines is £103.00 ( + £25 payment fee) for a proposed extension and £206.00 ( + £25 payment fee) for an existing/in-progress extension.

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£ 370.00 

£ 430.00 .................................................  

£ 240.00

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